Divine Cake Sensations understand that children require cakes for their birthdays. It something they design and look forward to all year

Children can be very specific in their requests and very often want a cake of the current trend or tv program

Divine Cake Sensations endevour to meet childrens and the parents expectations

To remain affordable and competitive on price, Divine Cake Sensations offer a selective service for their birthday cakes melbourne

Clients receive an artisan styled cake made with quality ingredients

Flavoured with chocolate or vanilla, cakes are filled with a layer of raspberry conserve and American buttercream finished with a covering of American buttercream (natural (light yellow) or light brown (milk chocolate))

Cakes are 8" in diametre and 3" tall, serving around 20 people as a dessert serve

We believe our cakes remain superior to those available to you at a bakers, as we do not use commercial batters or buttercream mixtures

We carefully select our designs to suit children as they age with gender appropriate themes

We hope you find one to suit your needs